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2014 Winter Coat Delivery @ Kenosha's Brass Community School

Published: 11/12/14


2012 Winter Coat Distribution

Published: 01/31/13

In November, we distributed 1200 winter coats to children in Milwaukee and Racine!  We worked with the Brewers Community Foundation to locate two schools in Milwaukee. In Racine, we handed out coats to students at Julian Thomas.  

Coat Delivery to Halo

Published: 12/31/11

Koos for Kids delivered 50 coats to Halo (Homeless Assisted Living Organization) last week. Here are some of the kids with their new coats.

Over 700 Winter Coats Delivered!

Published: 12/31/11

What a joy it was delivering over 700 winter coats to children in need. We were at 2 great schools in Milwaukee today - Hayes Bilingual Elementary and Parkview Elementary.

Manny Wilke

Published: 12/21/11

Manny was born on 10/7/06 in Beaver Dam. To his parent’s surprise, Manny was born with a variety of birth defects. Most noticeable was a birth defect called Bilateral Microtia (no ears) and Bilateral Atresia (no open ear canals); because his ear canals are completely closed he was pronounced legally deaf at birth. Combined with his other birth defects, the doctors say Manny is one is a million, literally. The severity of his birth defects, along with the complexity of the others, makes his surgical situation very challenging.

Manny received a CT Scan last March which revealed excellent news – he could have surgery to open up his ear canals – allowing him to be able hear more effectively through air versus bone. The first surgery took place on 4/25/11 (Right Ear) with the second surgery (Left Ear) scheduled for 8/1/11.

As you can imagine, this is a lot for a 4 year old to handle.  We wanted to give Manny a special day to remember.  The Wilke’s are dedicated Brewer fans, so we gave them a day at the ballpark.  The day started with Manny and his family touring the Brewer clubhouse where he was able to meet and talk with Brewer Players and Coaches. He received his very own “Wilke” Brewer jersey. He was able to go on the field and sit in the dugout to watch batting practice and then it was off to their seats to enjoy the Brewer game.

Manny Wilke

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